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May 13, 2020


I'm negative!

I saw that on a friend's social media post, and thought, "Yeah, we're all feeling a little negative."

Then I realized what she meant. She had been tested for COVID-19, and the results were negative. Her post was a positive one - that is a bit of good news. Feeling a little ashamed for my initial reaction, I gave her post a thumbs up.

The mere idea that negative is good and positive is bad is symbolic of how upside down, uncertain, and crazy our world has become. In addition to the uncertainty, the bad news comes in unending torrents, making it difficult to recognize any rays of light.

There is good news out there, though. Maybe we must search for it - but it's there. Maybe this whole crisis is a test for us all to recognize what is good in our lives.

I'm positive we can find it.

- By Catherine Mueller

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