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Turning resolutions into an action plan

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As a financial aid professional, you probably have lots of goals for the New Year – whether it is training for you or your staff or improving processes in your office.

Along with those goals that we plan to accomplish in 2017, we know other unexpected projects will come up. Add those unexpected projects to our goals for 2017 and it can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan.

Here are some tips for developing a plan to accomplish your goals:

  • Break the goal down into small action steps. Make a list or create a spreadsheet of smaller steps or actions to take that will lead to accomplishing the bigger goal. For example, do you need to gather any information or research?
  • Establish smaller goals on a weekly or monthly basis. Maybe you can have a smaller goal of creating a basic outline or abstract for the project or gathering all your documents.
  • Keep track of and build on your successes. With any large project, it's easy to get discouraged if you don't feel or can't see that you are making progress. Updating the spreadsheet gives you the satisfaction of marking steps complete and showing progress toward project completion.

Most of us have more goals than we really have time to accomplish. It is critical for financial aid offices to show their effectiveness, and that can be done by showing your work toward accomplishing your goals.


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