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Post-holiday celebrations

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Ahhh, January. It's back to work and to a routine.

Gone are the holiday decorations, no parties or festivities planned on the calendar, and the never-ending plate of cookies is gone from the kitchen.

Yeah, the early weeks of January can be kind of a letdown.

One way to get over your post-holiday doldrums is to start planning for all those special days in 2017. In Financial Aid, we have a few special days to commemorate this year:

  • February: Financial Aid Awareness Month
  • April: Financial Literacy Month
  • April 26: College Signing Day
  • July 1: New Direct Loan interest rates effective
  • October 1: The FAFSA for the 2018-19 year becomes available
  • October 18: Financial Aid Appreciation Day (Third Wednesday)

In addition to those days of importance, you may want to add a few other education-related holidays to celebrate:

Maybe put a financial aid twist to the holidays – for instance, on April 12, Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Day, have an informal staff meeting and share some of your favorite books.

You can probably find something to celebrate every day in 2017. And maybe your celebration is internal — just happy to have some normal – or routine – days for a change.


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