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Mapping Your Future

Early Awareness E-News

April 2021
Vol. 13 - Issue 4

Join Mapping Your Future for Financial Literacy Month

Join Mapping Your Future in the Financial Literacy Month celebration of money management information, tips, and tools.

Mapping Your Future offers a variety of financial literacy tools

April is financial literacy month.

Why having more questions than answers can be a good thing - especially when it comes to planning for the future

High school or college students with a lot of questions about what career to pursue or what college to attend may be worried about getting the answers they need.

Understanding what it means to be a dependent for financial aid

It is an important term in financial aid, but one that often creates a lot of confusion among students and parents.

The secret of successful students

Students who do well in school know there's a strategy that helps them make good grades, earn more awards, and, overall, enjoy the learning experience.

Borrowers warned about student loan scams in social media campaign

While a friendly April Fool's joke can be amusing, it's no fun to be fooled by student loan scams.

April tasks for high school seniors



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