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Budgeting basics November 16, 2017
First, you get some money. Then, you budget it.

EX$EL helps manage money and avoid student loan defaults November 16, 2017
As a financial aid professional, you know that default management has two sides.

How to talk about money with students who don't want to talk about it November 16, 2017
Talking about money can be a sensitive issue.

Redesigned Mapping Your Future site is coming soon November 16, 2017
Mapping Your Future staff have been working on a redesign of the site to provide improved navigation and a fresh look.

No time like the present to sign up for MappingXpress November 02, 2017
The numbers 400 and 401 have a new meaning for financial aid administrators, as new Student Aid Report (SAR) comment codes and may need resolution.

Creating a spending plan for your money November 01, 2017
You plan out most things in your life, so don't forget to create a plan for spending your money.

Questions to ask yourself before selecting a major November 01, 2017
One thing about the future is for certain – you don't want to look back over your life and have regret about the career decisions you've made.

November tasks for high school seniors October 31, 2017
During your senior year, you will finalize your college choice.

Many borrowers have grace periods ending soon October 19, 2017
Spring 2017 graduates and students that dropped below half-time status are going to enter repayment soon.

Support Mapping Your Future while shopping online this fall October 19, 2017
While shopping online this fall, such as for Halloween or Thanksgiving items, you can support Mapping Your Future by shopping online through the AmazonSmile and GoodShop programs.

Take action now to prepare for the 2018-19 verification season October 19, 2017
Since it is early in the 2018-19 FAFSA season, now is the ideal time to streamline the verification process.