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Money Management Counseling

Learning how to manage your money is an important step toward taking control of your life.  Understanding where your money is coming from and where it’s going is critical to ensuring that you will be able to achieve your life-long GOAL$.  As a college student, you will likely end up borrowing some type of education loan, therefore, there is no better time to begin working on your own money management skills.

In order to assist you in this process, the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) has created the following on-line Money Management Counseling.  We strongly encourage ALL college students, particularly those who are borrowing student loans, to complete this on-line session.

During this tutorial, you will be provided with important information regarding budgeting, debt management, and ways to reduce expenses. There will also be a quiz, which will give you an opportunity to review the information that you have covered.

Remember – If you live beyond your means as a college student; you will live like a college student after you graduate!!

Some of this information has been provided by Mapping Your Future®, a national, neutral, collaborative, public-service organization of the financial aid industry (

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