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Perkins Entrance Counseling

University of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR


Welcome to the University of Central Arkansas' Federal Perkins Loan Entrance Counseling.  This is an opportunity to provide you, the student, with important information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.  UCA requires that first time borrowers complete a one time loan entrance counseling session prior to the disbursement of any funds.  The UCA Financial Aid Office will be notified electronically once you have satisfied this requirement. 

Please complete all of the following steps to ensure timely receipt of Federal Perkins loan funds. 


  1. Log on the UCA Self-Service page and electronically accept or decline the loan 


Please note: You may decrease the amount of your loan but it may not be increased.


  1. Complete your entrance counseling by clicking on the start button below.




  1. The Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note (MPN) and an estimated Perkins Student Loan Repayment Schedule and Disclosure Statement will be mailed to you. Please sign and return one copy of the Federal Perkins MPN to the UCA Financial Aid Office.




  1. Verify your enrollment hours, undergraduates should have a minimum of 6 hours of undergraduate credit and graduate students should have a minimum of 5 hours of graduate credit, to confirm you meet the minimum qualifications of enrollment. Your UCA identification number and pin number are required. Remember, changes made to your enrollment hours may impact your financial aid package.




Fund Disbursement





Loan funds will be disbursed in two equal disbursements, one for fall the other for spring if attending both semesters, beginning the 10th day of class each term.  





If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Edwina (Susie) Smith.


Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30




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Perkins Entrance Counseling Session Instructions

Before You Start

  • Ensure you meet the browser and system requirements:
    • You must use at least Internet Explorer 7.0 or the newest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Get a browser now.
    • You can use any Internet service provider (ISP) to connect to the Internet; however, you should access this counseling session using one of the browsers above after you've connected. Do NOT use the ISP's browser, such as AOL or MSN--you won't be able to complete the student form at the end of the session!
    • You must enable JavaScript in your browser.
    • If you encounter that the question numbers are not displaying correctly when you answer a question incorrectly, ensure that Java is enabled on your browser and try another browser (such as Firefox or Chrome), if the issue persists.

  • PARENTS: Please don't complete the counseling session on behalf of your son or daughter, as this federal requirement helps the student understand the rights and responsibilities of borrowing a student loan.

  • You will need about 25 minutes to complete this counseling session.

  • You will need the following information:
    • Your Social Security number
    • Your driver's license number
    • Name, address, telephone number, and employer for your parent, if applicable
    • Name, address, telephone number, and employer for your spouse, if applicable
    • Names, addresses, telephone numbers, and employers for two references residing at different addresses

  • You might need the name, address, telephone number, and employer for your next of kin.
  • NOTE: Providing names and information for your spouse, parent, next of kin, and references does not obligate them to assist with repayment of your loan. Regulations require you provide this data so your loan holder can locate you, if, in the future, they have an invalid address or phone number.

The student loan calculator in this session will help you calculate your estimated monthly payment. If you aren't sure how much you'll borrow, you can ask your school for the average student loan indebtedness of borrowers at the school or in your program of study at the school.

What to Do

  • Read the content and answer the questions.
  • Fill out the student information form. Use the comment box for any comments or questions you have for your school.
  • Print the confirmation page that appears after you fill out the student information form or note your confirmation number for your records.

NOTE: Generally, the Back and Forward buttons on your browser will not work once you begin the counseling session.  Use the buttons within the counseling to navigate.

NOTICE: The information you provide for loan counseling may be disclosed to third parties, such as your lender, lender servicer, school servicer, subsequent loan holder, or guarantor, as authorized under routine uses in the appropriate system of records and as may be authorized or required by federal regulations.