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Expected Family Contribution and Financial Need

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Most financial aid is based on Financial. Financial Need is the difference between your college's Cost of Attendance and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Financial Need is:

Cost of Attendance
- Expected Family Contribution
Financial Need.

Cost of Attendance includes the following:

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the amount the government has calculated that you and your family can contribute toward your education expenses for the academic year. The EFC is not necessarily the amount you will have to pay a college, but is used in determining your financial need. The calculation is based on the following:

You will learn what your EFC is when you receive your Student Aid Report (SAR).

If you or your family has special financial circumstances that you believe will affect your ability to contribute to your education, such as unusual medical expenses, let the school's financial aid office know. They may be able to make an adjustment.