Financial aid for graduate studies

Financial aid for graduate studies

Although graduate and professional students are not eligible for some forms of financial assistance that are available to undergraduate students, you still have several options to help finance your graduate studies.

Scholarships and grants

Fellowships and traineeships

  • Often used to attract the most highly qualified students.
  • Typically awarded based on academic merit.
  • Can be either portable (awarded by an organization for use at a college of the student's choice) or institutional (awarded by the university to students attending that same institution).
  • Typically cover tuition costs, and may provide a stipend for living expenses.

Teaching and research assistantships

  • Recipients typically work approximately 20 hours per week, assisting a professor with class discussions and laboratory activities, grading papers, and tutoring students.
  • Compensation may include a salary and/or waived or reduced tuition.
  • Provide valuable hands-on experience in your chosen field.
  • Most common in science and engineering fields.

Residence hall counselor or advisor

  • Compensation typically includes reduced tuition and/or room and board, and may also offer a stipend for living expenses.
  • Contact the Graduate School Office at your institution for details.

Federal Work Study

Federal Student Loans: Because they must be repaid, loans should always be your last option.

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