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To allow schools and students to fulfill exit counseling requirements, Mapping Your Future provides printable Direct Loan, Direct Loan and Direct PLUS combined, and Perkins Loan exit counseling materials. These materials meet federal requirements and can fill several different needs, such as:

Mapping Your Future's Online Counseling is available for students to complete their counseling requirement anytime, anywhere – from the convenience of a computer.  Learn more or sign up now.

Disclaimer: Mapping Your Future shall update the exit counseling materials to maintain compliance with the federal regulations. The updates shall be made without notice. Any such update may render previously printed materials noncompliant. Mapping Your Future strongly advises institutions to check the website prior to distributing previously printed materials to ensure they are distributing the most current version.

Exit counseling guide

Mapping Your Future provides the printable exit counseling guides in two different formats: a PDF document and Microsoft Word document.

Organizations and institutions can co-brand the customizable guides in the Word document by adding their logo. These are protected documents, so organizations can only add their logo in the specified area, as follows:

  1. Click in "Insert logo here" so your cursor is in that highlighted section.
  2. Delete the words "Insert logo here."
  3. Select "Insert" in the tool bar on top of the document.
  4. Click on "Picture."
  5. Locate the location of your logo and insert it into the document.
  6. You might have to re-size the logo.

Exit counseling form

There are two different exit counseling forms available. A one-page form is available for those organizations that will make photocopies of the form for the appropriate parties once a student completes it. A second form is available for those organizations that want to print it on a triplicate document (may require professional printing services).

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