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January 3, 2018

The one question you should ask yourself in 2018

This may come as a shock: I didn't accomplish all of my goals in 2017.

I have a list of both personal and professional goals I set for myself in 2017 and, in my review of them on New Year's Eve, I realized there were several I didn't accomplish.

You may think I have a little bit of a "devil-may-care" attitude when I say: I wasn't too bothered by it.

Some of the goals were set aside because they didn't always help me fulfill my personal and professional missions. For example, having a personal mission to build stronger relationships with family and friends may mean that some of my time for reading or personal enrichment may have to be sacrificed.

The same goes for my professional goals. I may have a goal of having a clean email inbox every day. However, if my professional mission is to serve the people I work with, I may need to sacrifice having a clean inbox some days in order to fulfill my mission of helping schools, students, and families.

As I enter 2018, I do have another list of personal and professional goals. While I always try to align my goals with the bigger mission, I realize that I don't have control over everything that will happen. I may need to be flexible, and ask – what will best fulfill my mission for the year?

– By Catherine Mueller



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