Mapping Your Future: Third-Party Servicer Contract available in the secure Access Area


Third-Party Servicer Contract available in the secure Access Area

By Beth Ziehmer

May 15, 2017

Since Mapping Your Future was designated a third-party servicer by the Department of Education (ED), staff have been monitoring guidance received to comply with the new requirements. Please review the following updates related to the third-party servicer topic:

Third-party servicer contract
ED requires each school using Mapping Your Future services to have a third-party servicer contract. To satisfy the contract requirement, Mapping Your Future is releasing a Third-Party Servicer Contract within the secure Access Area on Tuesday, May 16. After logging in, users will see a large red Notice area on the home page with a link to the contract. The contract also can be accessed by clicking the Account information link on the left navigation bar.

Users can review online and/or print a copy of an uncompleted contract for review. Once the contract is completed online by typing the user's name and title, the user can save and print a copy of the contract. The completed contract will be available by clicking on the Account Information link in the Access Area.

The Mapping Your Future Third-Party Servicer Contract must be completed by September 30, 2017 to prevent interruption in services.

Staff access
It is up to the school staff to determine who should acknowledge the contract online. As a reminder, users may not share user names and passwords. Staff without an existing user name can request access by completing the additional user request form. The super user for the account will receive an e-mail notification to log in to the Access Area to approve the access.

Program Participation Agreement
Mapping Your Future's contact information for Program Participation Agreements is:

Cathy Mueller, Executive Director
Mapping Your Future
PO Box 2578
Sugar Land, TX 77487-2578


If you have any questions, please contact Mapping Your Future at or (800) 374-4072.