Mapping Your Future: Important things for high school students to do this summer


Important things for high school students to do this summer

By Catherine Mueller

July 02, 2018

You might say when it comes to summer, my eyes are bigger than my schedule.

I want to enjoy the great outdoors, vacation with my family, read some classic novels, and see some the summer movie releases - my list goes on and on.

In reality, I know that the time is limited during the summer so I will have to choose carefully. As a high school student, you face the same situation. No matter what activities or projects you plan for the summer, make time for these five things:

  1. Take care of your health. Sure, there will be lot of parties and barbeques, but remember to eat healthy and get regular sleep.
  2. Write in your journal. This is an amazing time of your life. Be sure to write down your thoughts and special events. You'll be glad you did later and it will give you a chance to practice your writing.
  3. Read some classics. You may discover a new favorite "old" author. It may also help you prepare for some of your classes and help you in ways you never expected. Some of those classics may be required reading for upcoming courses.
  4. Keep up with current events. The news can be stressful, but it is important to know what's going on in the world around you. It may be a topic in upcoming class. If it's all too much, take it in small doses - just quickly scanning news websites or even picking up a newspaper.
  5. Save some money. This is another one of those "you'll be glad you did it later" things. You may have more time to work this summer when you aren't taking classes. If so, don't spend all of your earnings now. You may need that money next fall when you can't work as many hours.

What I find is there's never enough time to do everything. By doing what's important and choosing my activities carefully, I always have room left over in my summer schedule for something sweet.