Mapping Your Future: One thing you must understand before entering higher education


One thing you must understand before entering higher education

By Catherine Mueller

August 07, 2018

After all the applications, essays, reference letters, and forms, you are finally ready to enter higher education and prepare for your future career.

Or are you? Are you aware of your school's code of ethical conduct?

It may seem unimportant compared to the myriad of other things you have to do to get ready to begin your postsecondary education. However, the code of conduct may be one of the important documents to review. After all, one violation may be all it takes to end your education and your future career plans.

The institution that you are attending may have already sent you a code of conduct or even asked you to sign it. At the least, most schools have their code of conduct posted on their website.

Your school's code of conduct may cover topics such as academic integrity, any act of dishonesty, disorderly conduct or behavior, use of copyrighted or trademarked work, and the use (or misuse) of any computer systems.

While you may not have any intent to do anything wrong, it's a good idea to review the code of conduct. After all, you will face situations and issues you've never faced before - some that may be addressed in the code.

You don't want all that hard work of getting into higher education to go to waste.