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April 4, 2018
Vol. 10 - Issue 4

It's a great time to be a high school junior – especially for college financial aid planning

If you are a high school junior, you probably have some college or career dreams for life after high school.

To be or not to be a resident of the dorms

As a college student, you face many decisions that can affect the rest of your life.

Choosing the right way to pay for college

Not all college funding sources are created equal.

Join Mapping Your Future for Financial Literacy Month

Join Mapping Your Future in this month-long celebration of money management information, tips, and tools.

Mapping Your Future offers various financial literacy tools

Mapping Your Future has several tools to help you educate your students all year, especially during financial literacy month.

Celebrate college decision day

It's a decision that will impact your life significantly.

Seven important skills to beat the robots

I may be terribly na´ve, but I don't think the robots will take over all of our jobs in the future.

April tasks for high school seniors



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