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May 9, 2018

Updating FSA phone numbers

About two or three times a day, I get a call from someone's fax machine. Not only is it frustrating, it makes me think I'm living in the 90s. Who uses fax machines anymore?

It also underscores the importance of having the right number - at least until phone numbers become obsolete. With that in mind, you may want to note some new numbers from the Department of Education's Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA).

USDE phone numbers

FSA recently announced that it is making updates to the phone numbers used to reach the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) School Relations Center and the Student Loan Support Center. In short, instead of maintaining two numbers for each call center, FSA will use one of the existing phone numbers for each call center. The update will occur on June 17, 2018.

The COD School Relations Center number (for all programs and all schools) will be 1-800-848-0978. The Student Loan Support Center number (including Direct Loan Consolidation) will be 1-800-557-7394.

Write these numbers down, put them in your phone, or use our graphic to help you remember them.

And, if you are still hanging on to the fax machine, please do not put these numbers in it. Which reminds me, does anyone know if you can recycle fax machine thermal paper?



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