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May 31, 2018
Vol. 10 - Issue 11

Updating interest rates for 2018-19

Students seeking a college education may perceive that interest rates are just a small part of financing an education.

Online Counseling records provide valuable information

The purpose of student loan counseling requirements is two-fold: to educate borrowers and to receive updated contact information for the borrower.

Let MappingXpress boost the efficiency of your verification process

Collecting documents from students and parents efficiently is key to the verification process.

Communicating with your future students

Videos, photos, and brief, short-lived posts - online and all on mobile - that is how you should be or will be reaching all of your incoming students.

Being present and increasing your efficiency

I've sometimes walked to the kitchen to get a warm up on my coffee - only to realize I left the coffee mug sitting on my desk.



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