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June 6, 2018

Understanding parents

It's tough to admit, but there's a part of you - maybe just a tiny part - that likes those parents that hover over their child, right? After all, those parents get things done for their child.

    Need an IRS transcript? Mom has taken care of it.
    Need entrance counseling done? Mom or Dad has nagged their student or (and we know it happens) has done the entrance counseling.

It can be rather confusing in the world of higher education. The parents are responsible for contributing to their child's education and yet rules prohibit them from seeing their child's grades. You need parents to provide documents for verification but the student should be the one completing the counseling for any student loans. While there are reasons for all the rules, it can become rather confusing for parents, students, and anyone involved in higher education.

Financial aid professionals face these issues every day, and many of us are parents, too, so we can see the issues from both sides. For parents, the line between letting your child make their own mistakes and being a helicopter parent is a thin one. When are you doing too much? When are you neglecting your child?

The best way to handle those parents is to understand. After all, we know there's a part - and maybe a big part - of that parent that would like their child to get their own things done.



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