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June 6, 2018

Taking the long view

Earlier this year, I went to the sheep dog trials at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. I had never been to the event and knew nothing about the dog trials. But the event sounded fun and, well, you know - dogs. . .

At the event I attended, the dogs entered the arena on one side and three sheep were on the other side. The dog would herd the sheep, do a figure eight pattern around two barrels, guide the sheep through a chute, and then drive the sheep into a pen.

Dog herding sheep
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One of the things I noticed was the dogs that did better on the trials were those who stood back from the sheep. Perhaps it gave them a better view or a better understanding of what moves the sheep might make. It certainly kept them from scaring the sheep and causing them to scatter.

There are times when I get too close to a situation to exert control and everything scatters (raising teenagers comes to mind). By taking a step back, I get a better understanding, a new perspective, and clearer vision of where the sheep - or whatever it is - may go.



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