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April 11, 2019
Vol. 11 - Issue 8

Financial literacy tips provided throughout the month of April

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Four things a student should consider before using an Income Share Agreement to pay for college

For students who need some help paying for college, there may be another option other than student loans - if not now, then maybe in the future.

Federal Student Aid training website for professionals is moving

Training is part of the job when it comes to working in financial aid.

Improve next year's FAFSA by sharing your comments and suggestions

Sometimes collecting the right information at the start makes the entire financial aid process go smoother.

Outage to impact availability of Title IV Funds

If your office has been too busy processing Title IV aid to take a break, you may now have an opportunity.

Verification webinar scheduled for April 23

Register today for the upcoming webinar.

Money Management International webinars scheduled

Powered by Money Management International, Mapping Your Future offers free webinars to anyone interested in learning more about retiring strong, home ownership, and setting goals and priorities.



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