Mapping Your Future: No time like the present to sign up for MappingXpress


No time like the present to sign up for MappingXpress

By Beth Ziehmer

May 09, 2019

An easy, secure way for your office to handle verification documents is through MappingXpress, which you can use for free if you are in a Sponsored state or at a low cost if your state is not currently sponsored in the Membership Program.

MappingXpress is a secure document transfer service that allows students to quickly and easily upload documents for retrieval by school professionals. Schools and other organizations using MappingXpress have reported the service has saved them time and money as they securely collect documents needed for financial aid verification, scholarship forms, loan applications, and other academic processes.

Mapping Your Future currently offers its MappingXpress service free to schools located in sponsored states. Member schools in non-Sponsored states may subscribe to MappingXpress for a low annual fee.

For more information about MappingXpress, contact the Mapping Your Future staff at, call (800) 374-4072, or visit