Mapping Your Future: Decrease your school's default rate with a variety of default prevention tools


Decrease your school's default rate with a variety of default prevention tools

By Beth Ziehmer

May 09, 2019

Mapping Your Future provides a wide variety of tools that your school can incorporate into your default prevention plan. These tools allow your plan to have consistent messaging and help you go above and beyond meeting federal regulations.

Calculators: The budget calculator and debt/salary wizard are or can be incorporated into Online Counseling sessions. There are many other calculators to use or link to from a school's website. The calculators are located at

Online Counseling:

  • Mapping Your Future offers 22 different Online Counseling sessions that allow schools to meet the regulatory counseling requirements and better educate students. The Online Counseling sessions offer several customization options to aid in default prevention efforts.
  • The Financial Literacy counseling is a 12-step approach to financial literacy education and can be used in the manner that is the most useful to schools and students, such as to supplement a counseling process, as a classroom activity, as a follow-up to an individual session.
  • The Grace Period and Repayment counseling provides schools with an opportunity to stay in contact with borrowers and help them prepare for loan repayment. This session provides information on how to manage student loans after college and serves as a refresher course for students who may not remember all of their options as outlined in their exit counseling session taken prior to leaving school.
  • The Loan Management counseling is presented in nine topics and is targeted to students who are completing their final year of school and provides them with essential personal finance, education, and career planning tips to help them avoid student loan default.
  • The Non-Traditional Student counseling offers information and resources to help students overcome issues they may experience while attending college.
  • The Private Loan counseling presents information in six steps, guiding students toward responsible borrowing and successful repayment.
  • More information about using Online Counseling is in the User's Guide which is located in the Member resources section of your Access Area.

Presentations, publications, and more:

For question or more information about Mapping Your Future default prevention tools, contact or call (800) 374-4072.