Mapping Your Future: Starting to prepare for the fall semester


Starting to prepare for the fall semester

By Catherine Mueller

June 05, 2019

Now that May is over, it's time to think about the fall semester.

Wait, what?!

Yeah, it may be hard to think about the fall semester – especially if you just taped up your last box of sweaters for storage and are dreaming about beaches and picnics and summer vacation. However, by doing a few things over the summer to get ready for fall, it will make that fall semester go a lot smoother.

If you are in high school or in college, here are some simple things you can do over the summer to make your fall go smoothly:

  • Assess the past school year and set some goals for the fall. What worked and what didn't? Did your study habits pay off or do you need to change something? Were you at school on time? Did you fully participate in your classes? Set some goals for the fall semester based on the past year. Write down those goals and plan on making next year the best school year yet.

  • Review your schedule for fall. Know when you'll need to be at school and what classes you will have when. Keeping this in mind will help you make other plans. For instance, if you have a part-time job and they want to know when you can work or if you want to participate in an outside activity.

  • Save money for fall. You'll probably be able to work more in the summer than in the fall (and rightfully so, since you should focus on your studies if you are a full-time student). Set some money aside for things you'll need or want in the fall.

  • Prepare academically. If you have a class that you know will be challenging, get ready for the class by talking to the teacher or professor ahead of time. Ask them how you can prepare for the class – if there are readings or other work you can do to make the most of the class.

  • Get your books. If possible, get the books for your fall semester. It's a great way to get familiar with the class before it starts. However, make sure if you purchase books that you know the return policy in case you decide to drop the class or if the teacher or professor changes the textbook.

Probably the most important tip for getting ready for the fall semester is to enjoy your summer. While it is important to think now about your plans for the fall, it is also important to relax and participate in some fun activities. You can do a few things, like those listed above, but the purpose of time off is so you can return to school in the fall, refreshed and ready to learn.