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June 6, 2019
Vol. 11 - Issue 12

Helping students know their student loan interest rates

Students seeking a college education might think interest rates are just a small part of financing an education.

Mapping Your Future's calculators can be integrated, customized

Mapping Your Future's calculators enable students, parents, and others to manage their money and student loans.

Printable Direct PLUS Loan Guide for parents updated

Although there is no parent PLUS Loan counseling requirement, Mapping Your Future has long-offered information on Direct PLUS Loans for parents on the site.

Summer job? Congratulations and a reminder about some new responsibilities

If you have your first-ever summer job this year, you've achieved a significant milestone.

Starting to prepare for the fall semester

Now that May is over, it's time to think about the fall semester.

Department of Education readies system for new origination fees

Students and parents will see slightly lower loan origination fees on loans disbursed this fall, and now the Department of Education has made it possible for schools to process loans with those new fees.



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