Mapping Your Future: The one skill you will need for success and happiness


The one skill you will need for success and happiness

By Catherine Mueller

July 02, 2019

If you are reading this article, you already possess the skill for success and happiness - the ability to read.

Reading is one of the first skills that we learn in school and it becomes second nature to us. Therefore, it is easy to take the skill for granted. However, if you know how to read, consider yourself among the very fortunate - you have a foundation for exploring and enjoying life.

However, just knowing how to read is not enough. You can improve your skill with practice. Through practice, you improve your reading comprehension and enjoyment.

While you are in school, you will have a lot to read. You may not enjoy everything you read, but how will you know if you do not try? Approach each reading assignment with a positive attitude, expecting to learn something new. Even if it is not your favorite subject, some new information may surprise you or you may learn about a topic or skill that later becomes a life-long passion.

No one can take your ability to read away from you. Protect this key to success and happiness by using it.