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July 3, 2019

Office staycation


You are the one left at the office this week while everyone else is taking vacation or an extended holiday weekend.

Someone had to stay and answer the phones, and you were the lucky one to pull that duty.

Rather than imagining your coworkers playing on a beach somewhere while you sit at a desk, look at this time as an opportunity:

  • Review your goals and accomplishments. What progress have you made on your goals for 2019? What other projects do you want to complete this year? This will help you prepare for your annual review.
  • Organize your desk. Many offices have a clean-desk policy so maybe the top of your desk is clean. However, what about the drawers and file cabinets? Throw away or shred unwanted papers.
  • Catch up on professional development. There are all kinds of training materials available from the Department of Education or Mapping Your Future. Maybe read all the notices in the "What's New" section of the IFAP website.
  • Clean out your email inbox and follow up on all of those tasks you have not had time to do.

Oh sure, staying in the office is not as fun as being on vacation, but try treating it as your own office staycation, and get a little work done or linger a little longer over that morning coffee.



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