Mapping Your Future: New website addresses for students


New website addresses for students

By Catherine Mueller

March 14, 2019

Schools that provide links to important resources for incoming students will want to take note of some new website addresses for some Department of Education resources.

On Feb. 17, 2019, the FAFSA4caster and Federal School Code Search URLs changed. Here are the new URLs:

*The FAFSA4caster is down for maintenance as of March 14 and is planned to be back up sometime during the week of March 17.

For the time being, the old URLs still work; they simply redirect the site visitor to the new URL. However, if your school's or organization's website or other communications link to the old URLs, we recommend you update them so the links won't break once the redirects are discontinued.

While you are updating your important links, make sure you include a link to Mapping Your Future ( if you don't already.

For more information about linking to Mapping Your Future college access resources, contact Cathy Mueller at or 1-800-374-4072.