Mapping Your Future: Pros and cons of seeking a double major in college


Pros and cons of seeking a double major in college

By Catherine Mueller

March 01, 2019

If getting an education is a good thing (and I think we can all agree, it is a good thing), then getting a double major has to be twice as good, right?

Certainly, seeking more education is always good, but there are some pros and cons to consider before getting that double major:


  • Job marketability - As a double major, you increase your marketability. You are qualified for jobs in more than one career field so a double major increases your options.
  • Broader perspective - Receiving a double major enables you to look beyond just one career field and get a broader perspective on the world and on possible careers.
  • Wider network of contacts - With a double major, you will have exposure to new programs professors, students, and alumni. This will give your exposure to a larger group of people, who may introduce you to opportunities you never considered before.


  • Money - Enrolling in a double major means more classes and more tuition. If you need student loans to help cover the cost of tuition, will you be able to repay those student loans? Are the job opportunities available with the double major worth the increased investment?
  • Time - A double major will take more time. Can you spend the additional time in college to get the double major? What costs (in addition to tuition) will you have because of spending more time in college?
  • Stress - College is stressful. Adding another major to your degree program may mean even more stress. It may be hard to determine how stressful classes are going to be before you take them but you know yourself. How well do you handle stress?

After considering the pros and cons, talk to an advisor at your college or university to see how other students managed the double major you are interested in seeking.