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March 19, 2020
Vol. 12 - Issue 6

Tools to help with these unprecedented times

The coronavirus and social distancing may interrupt your students' education and create concerns about their financial aid.

Mapping Your Future planned site outage the weekend of March 27-29

Mapping Your Future is preparing for future enhancements to its site.

Resources for graduating high school seniors, prospective college students

In addition to impacting your current students, the coronavirus and social distancing may interrupt your prospective students' college plans, as well as create questions about their financial aid.

Verification of your financial aid application

You've completed all the paperwork, filled out the forms, and submitted everything by the deadline to apply for financial aid.

Educating borrowers about their loan repayment options

When it comes to borrowing money for some huge expense - whether it be for a house, a car, or college tuition - most of us want to know the monthly payment amounts.



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