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Mapping Your Future

Early Awareness E-News

September 2021
Vol. 13 - Issue 9

Mapping Your Future turns 25

Mapping Your Future is now older than many college students.

Let Guide to Life after High School help prepare your students this school year

Mapping Your Future offers several free online programs to help both schools and students stay on track when planning for education beyond high school.

2022-23 FAFSA information posted by Department of Education

It is a sign that fall is almost here.

Two questions to be removed from future federal student aid applications

Two questions will be disappearing from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). . . but not just yet.

Strategies for students (and parents) when money for college runs short

With the fall semester getting underway, most students have their minds on attending classes and getting good grades – and hopefully not on paying their tuition bill.

2022-23 FAFSA training available for financial aid professionals and others helping students and parents complete the FAFSA

There is still time to register for the September 23 and 29 webinars for professionals.

Answering student and parent questions about the 2022-23 FAFSA

Share information about the September 28 webinar with your students and parents.

The secrets of scholarship-winning students

Applying for scholarships can seem like a lot of work when there's no guarantee that you will receive any money for your education.

September tasks for high school seniors



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