Mapping Your Future: 10 changes planned for the 2024-25 FAFSA


10 changes planned for the 2024-25 FAFSA

By Catherine Mueller

April 04, 2023

Students and parents applying for financial aid for the 2024-25 academic year will have a new FAFSA form to complete, thanks to changes mandated by Congress.

The Future ACT and FAFSA Simplification ACT prompted several changes to the financial aid process and need analysis. The U.S. Department of Education says the changes under the federal legislation are the biggest changes in 40 years.

Some of the changes to note:

  1. Renaming of the Student Aid Report (SAR) to the FAFSA Submission Summary
  2. Elimination of the save key
  3. Removal of ability to access a FAFSA form through student personal identifying information (PII)
  4. Limited skip logic
  5. Consent required for Federal Tax Information (FTI)
  6. List of colleges expanded (up to 20 on online form now)
  7. Elimination of the Data Retrieval Tool
  8. Collection of spouse information and use of roles (student, student spouse, parent, parent spouse, preparer)
  9. Unusual circumstances and special circumstances definitions aligned with Higher Education Act
  10. Removal of the question about the student’s housing plans (on-campus, off-campus, or at home with parents)

Mapping Your Future will be providing more information to counselors, students and families as the U.S. Department of Education releases more information.