EX$EL Services

EX$EL Services

You want to do all you can for your school and your students when it comes to helping them to manage student loan debt, but limited resources and staff may be keeping you from accomplishing all that you need or want to do. Mapping Your Future now offers EX$EL, a financial education and repayment success solution for schools and their students.

EX$EL is a cost effective way to:

  • Improve student retention and persistence to graduation
  • Help students make intelligent borrowing decisions
  • Identify and assist students in financial stress
  • Enhance borrower understanding of repayment choices
  • Guide borrowers in finding the repayment option most favorable for repayment success
  • Assist in preparing borrowers for their financial and professional lives after college
  • Help reduce cohort default rates

Address the student loan issues that challenge students, colleges, and universities

To help your school meet the challenge, three services are available, separately or in combination:

  • Financial Education
  • Repayment Success
  • Intensive Counseling

Implement first-rate educational content and consistent contact EX$EL is an essential tool in the new higher education environment, offering:

  • Financial Basics and Repayment Success, modular, comprehensive online financial education courses for your students
  • Regular text and email communications, including links to timely articles and tips on basic money management skills, indebtedness, and the benefits and responsibilities of borrowing, all delivered directly to students.
  • Outreach phone calls to delinquent borrowers
  • A student dashboard showing progress and providing links to additional resources, helping students measure their learning and understand their options
  • A school dashboard that provides progress and financial stress reports, helping schools know which students might need additional support

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If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Cathy Mueller at Services@MappingYourFuture.org or (800) 374-4072.