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Organization and staff

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Mapping Your Future employs only eight full-time staff, with one part-time staff member. The staff is able to manage operations because of the contributions of volunteers from the Sponsors and Friends, as well as suggestions from our customers.

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To develop new features and services, Mapping Your Future relies on functional and project teams.


Mapping Your Future has a national Board of Directors and Steering Committee. Both the Board and Steering Committee oversee the operations of Mapping Your Future.

The Board of Directors consists of five members that serve two-year terms, some expiring on odd years and others on even years. Only CEOs, or their properly appointed designee, of the sponsoring organizations are eligible to serve on the Board.

The Board of Directors:

Board members:

The Steering Committee can consist of up to 12 members, all from Sponsor organizations. Members serve 3-year terms, some with terms expiring on odd years, with others expiring on even years. CEOs from the Sponsor organizations vote to replace Steering Committee members with expiring terms during an annual business meeting.

The Steering Committee assists the board and the executive director with Mapping Your Future's strategic planning and oversees various functional and project committees.