Know the basics for class scheduling

First, you need to be thoroughly familiar with all the required courses and graduation requirements of your high school.

  • You should take an English or literature class each year of high school. These classes will strengthen your reading, writing, and speaking skills.
  • A series of mathematics courses is very important as you prepare for the careers of the future. Four years of high school math, including algebra and geometry, are necessary to many occupations. Math will be even more important in the future.
  • Make sure you take enough social studies courses to get a good understanding of American history and our government. Many colleges and universities require three years of study.
  • Science is important. Schedule three or more years, including at least one laboratory course.
  • Schedule at least one year of visual and performing arts from the areas of visual arts, music, dance, and theater.
  • Elective courses allow you to explore your special interests. These courses are considered very important. Seriously consider taking a foreign language. Some colleges expect two years of foreign language study, and your understanding of the world can be improved by knowing another language.
  • You might consider combining your last two years of high school with two years of community college education, by exploring the Tech Prep Education (2+2) offerings. This can lead to an associate's degree or two year certificate in the mechanical, industrial, or practical arts: agriculture, health, family and consumer sciences, or business. Remember, though, that these programs build upon knowledge gained in math, science, and communications courses.
  • Some specific applied academic courses that use hands-on approaches to learning have been approved as meeting the core curriculum requirements. For more information, see your counselor.
  • You should take a Computer Literacy class while in high school. Learning how to use a computer will give you a strong foundation of how technology works and be useful in both school and life.