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Make High School Count - Counselor's guide

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Mapping Your Future has partnered with ACT to provide the Make High School Count program for students, parents, and middle school counselors. The program provides information about planning for education after high school - beginning in eighth grade.

The Make High School Count program includes various guides. Some states partner with ACT to provide Make High School Count seminars and/or printed materials. Contact your state's department of education to see if they have additional resources or materials.

The Student Guide: Designed for 8th graders, the student guide is centered on a set of simple suggestions:

The Parent Guide: The parent guide is designed to help parents who aren't familiar with the college-going process to feel more confident about helping their children use the student guide and prepare for the future. The Parent Guide overviews the student booklet in simple language and lists helpful phone numbers, websites, and free publications that can help students and their parents explore college and career information.

The Presentation: A free presentation that highlights the major points contained in the student guide, developed for presentation to students and parents.

Plan your program: Thinking about designing a program for your 8th grade students and/or parents? Here are some ideas!

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