Work together and plan

Work together and plan

We suggest you read this guide first, and then go over Make High School Count - A Guide for Students with your child. In particular, here are some topics that you may want to discuss together:

Learn to be a good student.

Many young people do not enjoy going to school. They may feel trapped in classrooms and may be embarrassed to ask for help. Tips for overcoming some of the barriers to learning and understanding how to be a better student are included in the student guide.

Take the right courses.

Since education after high school is necessary for many careers, it is important to make sure the high school courses your child takes will be appropriate for college. The student guide includes suggested courses and a chart your student can use to plan them.

Use time outside of school wisely.

Often, a good student is merely someone who has certain habits that help make learning easier. The student guide suggests some of these habits that are fairly simple to develop. Talking with your child about what the family can do to support good study habits may be very helpful.

Start thinking about the future.

Now is the time for your child to explore all the options - whether that's going to college, working right out of high school, or joining the Armed Forces. Check with your school counselor about career and educational planning programs that can help students explore different options. The student guide gives some pointers on how to prepare.

If college is a goal, don't worry about costs at this point.

There are many types of financial assistance offered by schools and the government that may help make college possible for your child. Be sure to check your state department of education to see if your state offers a savings plan for college. The student guide includes some general information about outline some financial options.

Get help when you need it.

There are many people and organizations that really care about how well your child does in school and in life. Some helpful, free resources are listed on the resources page of this guide.