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Determine if you're in financial danger

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If any of the following warning signs apply to you, it's time for you to stop and seriously think about your financial situation.

I can barely make ends meet with my current income.
I rely on overtime to make ends meet.
I put off medical and dental appointments because I can't afford them.
I worry that my utilities will be shut off, or that my car will be repossessed.
I find it difficult to save
My emergency fund has less than $1,000.
I use my savings account to pay my bills.
My monthly loan payments for all debts (except the mortgage) equal more than 20 percent of my take-home pay.
I have had to borrow money for recurring expenses like taxes or insurance.
I have been denied credit.
I took out a new loan to pay off an old loan.
I have skipped a regular monthly payment.
I only pay the minimum payment on my credit card.
I am near, or at, the limit on my credit card.

If things are getting out of control: