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Determine if you are financially fit

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Know what it takes to be your best financially. If you can't mark any of these items, take this opportunity to learn more and give your financial life a workout.

  I completely understand my student loans.
  I am aware of the consequences of default.
  I know how to establish myself financially.
  I balance my checkbook regularly.
  I have a budget that works for me.
  I have a healthy savings account.
  I have looked into my investment options.
  I use my credit cards wisely.
  I know how to request a free credit report.
  I understand my credit report.
  I have had problems in the past, but I have cleaned up my credit.
  I know why I should and how to avoid bankruptcy.

Couldn't mark many (or any) of these items? Take our financial danger quiz to see if your financial situation is really out of control.