Mapping Your Future: EX$EL helps manage money and avoid student loan defaults


EX$EL helps manage money and avoid student loan defaults

By Catherine Mueller

November 16, 2017

As a financial aid professional, you know that default management has two sides.

One side is to help those students who have defaulted on student loans or are at risk of default. The other side is helping current students manage money and borrowing to avoid future defaults. It is truly one of the keys to long-term management of default rates – taking action both reactive and proactive.

Mapping Your Future offers a service that provides schools with a cost-effective way to manage and avoid student loan defaults. EX$EL is an online financial literacy and repayment success solution for schools, colleges, and universities eager to help their students.

Providing multimedia courses and materials along with consistent, regular contact, EX$EL can expand school efforts to support both enrolled students and student borrowers after they leave school.

For more information on EX$EL, visit or contact Mapping Your Future staff at or (800) 374-4072.