Mapping Your Future: Retrieving Online Counseling records in the redesigned Access Area


Retrieving Online Counseling records in the redesigned Access Area

By Beth Ziehmer

February 14, 2018

The ease of retrieving Online Counseling records is well-known, and was simplified even more with the recent Access Area redesign.

All of the retrieval tasks are now located under the Retrieve counseling records link in the Access Area, including retrieving printable records or electronic records, searching for records, or requesting archived records.

Schools have access to counseling records for 36 months (three years) after students complete counseling. Mapping Your Future recommends that schools log in to the secure Access Area to retrieve counseling records on a regular basis to help keep their records up to date, and to help down the road with audit requests or default prevention tasks. The counseling notification e-mails provide very little information about the record, mainly first initial and last name and completion date, so the complete counseling record will provide the best information about the counseling completion.

Once an Online Counseling account is inactivated or counseling types are removed, the records are no longer available.

More information about retrieving records can be found in the updated Online Counseling User's Guide in the Member Resources section of your Access Area.

Contact the Mapping Your Future customer care staff with questions about retrieving Online Counseling records at or (800) 374-4072.