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February 15, 2018
Vol. 10 - Issue 4

Reaching goals with Mapping Your Future

Achieving your department goals and objectives may be a matter of finding the right strategy and the right tool.

Retrieving Online Counseling records in the redesigned Access Area

The ease of retrieving Online Counseling records is well-known, and was simplified even more with the recent Access Area redesign.

In celebration of Washington

Some of us will only remember that Monday is a federal holiday when we open our mailbox or we go to the bank.

To be or not to be a dependent

It is a conundrum for many students and families – why a dependent on a tax return is not the same thing as a dependent student for financial aid.

What's my motivation?

Students seek education to accomplish career goals, but money and location limit their options.

Verification webinar

Stay tuned for registration information for an upcoming verification webinar.



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