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March 22, 2018
Vol. 10 - Issue 6

"Verification: Dealing with the top issues for 2018-19" webinar scheduled

If you are a verification professional in the financial aid office, you deserve kudos for managing a complex issue.

Redesigned Sponsor's site released

Mapping Your Future continues the redesign track, this time to benefit our Sponsors.

More information released on disaster relief for education

The Secretary of Education provided more information on the relief for educational institutions impacted by the natural disasters in the past year.

Join Mapping Your Future for Financial Literacy Month

Sunday, April 1 marks the beginning of Financial Literacy Awareness Month.

Mapping Your Future offers various financial literacy tools

April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month.

Seven important skills to beat the robots

I may be terribly na´ve, but I don't think the robots will take over all of our jobs in the future.

Reputation management

Having worked on a college campus, I have seen how various offices get a reputation, sometimes good and sometimes bad.



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