Mapping Your Future: Federal Student Aid training website for professionals is moving

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Federal Student Aid training website for professionals is moving

By Catherine Mueller

April 11, 2019

Training is part of the job when it comes to working in financial aid.

Financial aid professionals have to be constantly learning to keep up with up new and changing regulations and procedures.

With that in mind, it is important to note the Department of Education will change the address for the Federal Student Aid (FSA) training website. On April 16, 2019, the web address for Federal Student Aid E-Training will be updated to According to the Department of Education, this change to an "" web address will provide consistency with other Federal Student Aid website addresses and will also improve delivery of email communications from the website. The training website is currently located at

Only the web address will be updated. Website navigation (including the login process), location of training content, and the look and feel of the website will remain the same. In addition, users will continue to access learning plans, reservations, and records of learning in the Dashboard area of the website.