Mapping Your Future: Tip sheet for students impacted by natural disaster


Tip sheet for students impacted by natural disaster

By Catherine Mueller

December 13, 2018

It has been all too common of an experience for both students and schools in the past couple of years - the impact of a natural disaster.

To assist students with the steps to take after a federally declared natural disaster, Mapping Your Future has created a tip sheet that outlines steps for students. In addition, the tip sheet offers a reminder to borrowers to contact their servicer(s) for the best steps to take if they are impacted by a disaster.

The tip sheet is customizable with a school's logo and contact information and is available to Member schools in their Access Area.

If you are not a Member school and would like the tip sheet or if you have any questions or suggestions, contact Mapping Your Future at or 1-800-374-4072.