Mapping Your Future: Mapping Your Future offers free career planning information, resources


Mapping Your Future offers free career planning information, resources

By Catherine Mueller

August 15, 2019

Now that summer is winding down and vacations may soon be over, it's back-to-school or back-to-work for many people.

For those who are finished with school and need or want to find new employment, Mapping Your Future provides free online career planning information and resources for graduates, as well as adults wanting to change careers, plan their job search, or determine the opportunities in their areas of interest. The career information and features on Mapping Your Future are among the more popular resources on the site.

Mapping Your Future encourages Sponsors and schools to link to its career resources, as well as integrate or collaborate on other career-related services. As many in the industry know, providing assistance with career resources can be an important student loan default prevention strategy.

Mapping Your Future offers a variety of resources that serve not only college students looking for their first job, but also working adults who want to reassess what they want to do in the future.

The Explore Careers resources on Mapping Your Future include information about:

  • Assessing skills and interests
  • Developing a career plan
  • Researching careers
  • Finding work
  • Reviewing other online job guidance and job search resources

In addition, for those students, graduates, and parents who have experienced a change in their income and who also are repaying a federal student loan, there are options available to manage student loan payments. Mapping Your Future provides information online about loan deferment and forbearance options. Students, graduates, and parents may also contact their servicer directly for more information.

Job seekers may also find the other information on Mapping Your Future very useful such as the free information and guidance for graduate students (for those adults planning to return to school) and the money management tools and services.

Contact the Mapping Your Future staff at or (800) 374-4072 with any questions.