Mapping Your Future: Mapping Your Future protects visitors' privacy

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Mapping Your Future protects visitors' privacy

By Catherine Mueller

November 04, 2019

Mapping Your Future respects the privacy of its website visitors, and actively follows its privacy policy - one of the many steps the organization takes to protect the information it receives via the website.

The privacy policy, posted online at, lets users know when their information will be shared. Mapping Your Future only shares information when needed to provide a service or regulatory function.

Students and families looking for accurate and neutral college planning tools and services can rely on Mapping Your Future as they have for more than 23 years. Sponsors and members of Mapping Your Future can be confident that they are helping provide a valuable public service.

Mapping Your Future has worked with its vision, mission, and core values in mind for since its inception and will continue to do so in the future. For more information about the vision, mission, and core values, visit