Mapping Your Future: SAI to replace FAFSA's EFC


SAI to replace FAFSA's EFC

By Catherine Mueller

July 06, 2023

Students applying for financial aid will receive Student Aid Index beginning with the 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The Student Aid Index (SAI) will replace the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Similar to the EFC, the SAI will be used in determining a student's eligibility for need-based financial aid.

For some students, the SAI will be a negative number, indicating the student has a greater level of financial need. For purposes of federal financial aid eligibility, the negative number will be treated as a zero - meaning the student won’t be eligible for increased federal financial aid with a negative number.

However, the negative number will alert postsecondary institutions of a student’s greater financial need and those institutions could help the student with additional institutional funds, if possible.