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September 6, 2023

Just a puppy

It was a chaotic few days, and after it was over, my sweater was torn, the living room was littered with newspapers and toys, and my muscles were aching.

My son asked me to take care of his new puppy for a few days while he worked. He didn’t finish asking the question before I was saying yes. I mean, we’re talking about a puppy here. How hard can that be, right? Picture of puppy

The puppy turned our lives upside down.

There were more than a few times during the weekend that I was ready for her to go back home to my son. My life, while by no means organized, was a great deal more settled before the puppy showed up.

However, giving her back to my son was hard. I knew I would miss her cute puppy eyes and playful mood. My life was certainly richer for having taken care of her.

Although it’s nothing like a puppy, FAFSA Simplification, for many of us is a little overwhelming right now. It’s creating a lot of turmoil and it may take some time for things to get settled. But, eventually, it will.

And deep down, we know that, despite the current chaos, our lives will be enriched.

– By Catherine Mueller



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