Mapping Your Future: FAFSA Simplification financial aid terminology updated


FAFSA Simplification financial aid terminology updated

By Catherine Mueller

August 28, 2023

Just a few short weeks after releasing the new financial aid terminology, the Department of Education has done some fine tuning.

In an August 25 note added to the August 7 Electronic Announcement, the Department of Education said it made the following changes:

  • Revised the definition for Contributor
  • Revised the definition for FAFSA FTI Consent (now FAFSA FTI Approval)
  • Added a definition for FAFSA Privacy Act Consent

In the announcement, the Department outlined new terminology related to the full implementation of the FAFSA Simplification and Future Acts.

“The phased implementation of these changes, which culminate in the upcoming 2024-25 FAFSA processing year, has created new terminology that often replaces older, well-known terms,” the Department said in the announcement issued earlier this month.

The announcement separates the new terminology into the following categories: FAFSA processing, packaging aid, Federal Pell Grant Program eligibility, professional judgement, Prison Education Program eligibility, and Department of Education systems.