Mapping Your Future: Online Counseling

Step 1

Private loans for college

Grace Period and Repayment Counseling

Welcome to Grace Period and Repayment counseling for Stafford and Direct Loan borrowers. This counseling session provides information about how to manage your student loans after college, whether your loans are in the grace period (payment will start soon) or already in repayment. The information can be especially beneficial if you are having difficulty repaying your student loans.

  1. From the menu below, select the location of your school and then select your school. Your school must elect to participate in this counseling session. If they aren't on the list below, do not select another school. Instead, talk to your school about alternative methods for completing counseling.
  2. Read any information from your school and the session instructions.
  3. Read the content and answer the questions.
  4. Fill out the student information form. Use the comment box for any comments or questions you have for your school.
  5. Print the confirmation page that appears after you fill out the student information form or note your confirmation number for your records.

Step 1. Select location and the name of the school.

Select the state or U.S. territory of your school and then click continue. Select the name of your school and then click continue. If your school is not listed in the dropdown below and the school has directed you to Mapping Your Future's Online Student Loan Counseling, please click Cancel & Exit and check for your school's participation in other counseling types.

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